“David is an extremely professional colourist, who finds no trouble in going in the extra mile for the work we’ve sent him. The work and final product shows for itself – beautifully graded, high quality, and the result of intricate detail. No job is too big and the quick turnaround, when needed, has been massively appreciated.”

Jimmy AllenQuarantine Productions

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with David, I would highly recommend him as a DoP and would definitely work with him again.

He was fantastic with the clients and was key to the smooth running of the shoot. He offered great creative input and a great eye for detail when it comes to filming to get the best shots possible.”

Michael SuttonDirector - Media Zoo

“David and his team were fantastic from the first conversation. His skills, knowledge and passion for filming underwater helped us achieve the very best results for Casio.

Very strongly recommend for any and all underwater filming!”

Mike ScottDirector- Holster Films

“We worked with David at Scarlet View Media to capture dynamic underwater footage for one of our health & fitness clients. From pre-shoot support and advice through to execution, we were really impressed with the professionalism and quality of the service we received (and of course the footage was superb!). Highly recommended!”

Stephen HughesDirector - Upstart Productions

“I’ve used David and Scarlet View Media on two of my features – Palindrome & Blonde. Purple – his work and work ethic is immaculate. He consistently makes sure the client is happy and that he also produces the best work he can whilst keeping communication fluid and present. Will be using him again”

Marcus FlemmingsDirector - "Blonde.Purple"

“David has been fantastic from start to finish with the colour grade on our production.  Technically on point and very aware instinctively of what we needed.  Creatively it was a joy to collaborate with him and everything David brought to the table was sublime and really helped to enhance the finished series.  Cannot recommend David highly enough!”

Will NashDirector - "Obscenities"

“David at Scarlet View Media is the go to man for time critical colour grades. After the first job we knew we would work with him again to deliver our high spec projects to important clients. His communication is great and always has some suggestions to help take the concept to the next level. Highly recommended.”

Shan QaisarOwner - IQ Studios

The Hidden Seas project at Natural England developed a great relationship with David at Scarlet View Media. David’s genuine interest and dedication to our seagrass film was clear and present throughout the work from planning, execution right through to post-production. We really appreciated David’s creativity in bringing life to our film and we hope to work with David in phase 2 of our filming later on in 2020 or 2021.

Dylan & LouProject Coordinators - Natural England

“We booked David to work as our cinematographer and editor on our promo video for our function band. and couldn’t have been happier with the final product. From start to finish David was professional, easy to work with and genuinely passionate about our project. He went the extra mile to cater for our needs and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”

Sam GannonBookings Manager - Das Happy

“David’s work is first rate – working with my film PALINDROME, he had to provide 3 distinctive colour schemes which had to elevate the story. He did so and then some. Great communication, efficiency and technical knowledge.”

Marcus FlemmingsDirector/Producer - Palindrome

“I had the pleasure of working with David on a TVC. His instinctual creative choices especially when editing remotely, coupled with his easy going attitude made him a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled Editor and Colourist.”

Stephen RibeiroCompany Director

“David at Scarlet View Media was an absolute pleasure to work with; he was super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly from day one, all the way through to completion of the project. His input and professionalism were integral in delivering a piece of work we can all be proud of. We’d love to work with David/SVM again, and would highly recommend them to others looking for colour grading services.”

Marc GrundyCoolbox

“We recently had the opportunity to work with David on a small shoot in York and it was a pleasure to work with him. It was fairly short notice, with some last-minute changes by the client but he was easy going, professional and knowledgeable throughout, in both client-facing and technical situations, whilst producing the highest quality of work. Looking forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

Lee MorganObscure Films

“I noticed from the word go that David was a very good listener, a good communicator and above all very professional. I have never done a song video before but he made me feel like I have been in the industry for many years. His level of communication did bring me to a point where I could not change my mind on hiring him. I have really liked the way he works and the patience he has for someone like me who has never done a live video before. David also advised my husband and I how to respond in public when we were going to shoot in public. If this advice was not given, I am sure the results would not have been as good as they were. I easily get distracted but he made sure that I stayed focused. I will definitely hire him again and recommend him.”

Eunice KwallahMusic Video

“I worked with David at Scarlet View Media on a 5-minute commercial. He is extremely accommodating with what is possible and made sure that the deadline was hit.

His communication was professional, instant and informative when it came down to what was needed from his side of the project. When having tight deadlines for a project I find this to be a valuable quality from a contracted freelancer.

Should I need a digital colourist for any future project, David/Scarlet View Media will be my first call.”

Martin BilsboroughFilm Distillery

“I hired David to film some interviews on location in Wales for a conservation project we are working on about Whale Sharks. I found him to be great to work with, very knowledgeable and professional and also really good at putting the interviewees at ease.

He has a great manner behind the camera, getting great answers from the way he phrased his questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a professional friendly crew member.”

Pinky RobinsonPinky Productions

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with David when he graded a short film for my production company. Throughout the process I was impressed with Davids communication skills and professionalism. The Quality of work he produced was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending him”

Mark QuinnExecutive Producer - Cotton Wool

“David is an incredible colourist and collaborator. He brought so much to the project, he captured my vision exactly on screen and considered everything from the QC to my personal aims with every shot.   

David went above and beyond at every turn for both the production company and myself. He is always personable, professional and easily contactable. As a colourist, he always aims for that cinematic film look, he’s guaranteed to give anyones’ film a completely unique and fitting look. I can’t recommend David highly enough and look forward to working with him again.”

Nick ConnorDirector - Cotton Wool

“Working with David Diley for Scarlet View Media was an absolute pleasure. He was the colorist for our TV movie Maternal Secrets. As a producer, it gave me great comfort to have fluid communication with him. He always updated me with the process and gave accurate ETAs for turnaround times. David took on the challenge of dealing with two creative visions from both production and the director to bring together a product we are really happy with.

There were challenges with this film (just like every production) and in this, one of the difficult looks for the film was the flashback scenes. We did go round and round with different ideas and ended up right at the beginning. David worked with us to make sure we were satisfied and was completely understanding when working through the changes. Finally, when it came to deliverables David saw this project right through to handover with the distributor.

He took on an extra voice with even more feedback in his stride and worked with me to see this movie right through to completion (which helped significantly with my stress levels). Thank you David!”

Brooke WilliamsProducer - Triventure Films

“Immediately after our initial chat, I knew I wanted David to produce my new fitness DVD because he showed a keen interest & enthusiasm for the project, plus he had all the equipment and knowledge we needed to complete the project to a high standard.

Prior to filming, David listened to my brief and helped come up with solutions to my concerns. On the day, we were quick to get started and filming ran smoothly and on schedule.

In post-production, David was quick to respond to communications and requests which made it very straightforward and not at all frustrating like previous experiences.

Overall, working with David has been a real pleasure and I was very impressed that the whole project only took 2 weeks from start to finish and my new fitness DVD was ready on schedule and now available on Amazon!

I highly recommend David and will definitely be using him again for future DVDs and other projects.”

Becky WhiteOneSixEight Fitness


“When the sole reason of watching a film is to write a review, you often take mental (or physical) notes to refer back to. Whilst watching David Diley’s Of Shark and Man, there were many moments where those thoughts were erased. Not only is it a remarkable film, showcasing a side to sharks we’ve never seen, it’s an entertaining, grounded and informative experience. We hear from divers, biologists and shark experts. It’s ambitious, but it’s also ambiguous.

David Diley is living a normal, tiresome life in London. He longs for something more, so resigns and heads out on an adventure to achieve one of his childhood dreams; to swim with sharks. Firstly, if you didn’t love sharks before, you will now. There’s some valuable knowledge presented here, looking at their behaviour towards humans and how we can help them survive. When under the sea, we look in awe of these magnificent creatures. When above water, we see the people that are working hard to protect them. Sharks are misunderstood and to be respected. We learn this almost instantly. What’s truly unique about Of Shark and Man is that we see many sides to the story. It’s never bigger than itself and this is something I greatly admired.

The visual approach is spectacular. We get as close to the sharks as possible, experiencing almost exactly as David does. We see them in all their ferocious beauty. A huge majority of the film is captured through David’s camera, which sparks up a personal connection which is absolutely essential. Though no great amount of planning was made, the feature feels under control and wonderfully progressive.

Swimming graciously beside this, is the brilliantly compiled soundtrack featuring many fantastic pieces of music written by a vast array of adventurous composers. Each track feels vital to the picture, emotions seen in the film are reflected in the music, though never overstaying its welcome. For instance; the moments underwater during the shark feedings. The visuals do a lot of the work, but having a forceful yet carefully performed layer of percussion underneath as the sharks circulate the camera, can lend a hand in the overall impact. Curating a diverse and effective soundtrack is of great importance, especially when planning such an ambitious project.

By the end of the film we see a transformed and evolved David. It’s a touching reward. Of Shark and Man’s personal direction provides an intimate and exciting viewing experience that I’ll truly never forget. It’s very informative and clean. You’ll never feel outsmarted due to convoluted discussion, it’s smartly handled and thoughtfully cut together. The work has been done, now we can only hope that more people will take notice.

Leaving nothing to be desired, Of Shark and Man is the captain of its own ship as pieces fall naturally into place, creating an exuberant and tasty treat to feed on.”

Taryll Baker - UK Film ReviewOf Shark and Man Review

“David Diley worked on the trailer for our feature film ‘Mother of All Secrets’ with Kelly McGillis (Top Gun, The Accused) and Emmy award-winning Kate Mansi (Days of our Lives). In a short space of time, he turned around a beautiful piece of work. He brought out the vivid colours in our exterior shots set on the island of Bermuda and graded the interiors to set the mood of the scene. He was very collaborative to work with and took feedback from production and the director well so he could bring to life our vision.”

Brooke WilliamsTriventure Films

“I have been looking for an underwater video course for a while, but no others had the content I wanted. What drew me to this course was the fact that it is not only about how to use a camera underwater but the whole process of making a video or film.

After speaking with David I booked on immediately and have no regrets! The entire week was fantastic, the resort was perfect for divers who needed to be in and out of the water regularly during the day, and in a great location with world class diving on its doorstep. The course was well structured, starting off with the basics and moving onto more in depth learning by the end of the week. It is designed to cater to people with varying degrees of existing knowledge, and with basic to more advanced camera setups. This was possible due to the emphasis on the filming process as a whole, giving us an understanding of what it is like to take an idea from conception and planning through to filming and post production.

We covered so much during the week, not only underwater but also topside filming, interviews, directing and editing. We were encouraged to film as much as we could, and to also make a video diary every night which has helped me to make a daily vlog of the course, alongside my other projects. Looking back I don’t know how David was able to fit so much into one week!

I can highly recommend the workshop to anyone who is interested in underwater video and filmmaking, whether just starting out or wanting to take it to the next level. You don’t need the best camera out there, as you will learn from David, the story and what is in front of the camera are the most important things!”

Ollie PutnamUnderwater Film-Maker Workshop, January 2017

“FXU Wildlife Documentary Society asked David Diley to come to Falmouth to screen his film Of Shark and Man after society member Isobel Cunningham and committee member Arnold Monteith saw a screening of the film at SharkFest 2016. They were impressed by the quality of the film and thought that it would be received well by the society and so suggested it to other committee members. When the society began to research David and his film they were impressed by what they found. The professional appeal of the film website and the social media platforms surrounding both the film and David Diley as a freelance filmmaker himself were impressive and made us want to get him down for a screening.

David Diley and his film are what the society is all about. We encourage wildlife filmmaking and starting from the bottom and making a name for yourself is what we all aim to do. The opportunity to see this film and have David Diley introduce it and spend time afterwards hosting a question and answer session was invaluable to us all and is the type of thing that the society are always looking for.

The film itself was really interesting to watch. The story of Fiji and its sharks is on its own really fascinating and something that all of the society members were interested in. The addition of the personal story was something that took a lot of people by pleasant surprise. It not only made the film more dynamic but also allowed a lot of us to relate to the story. We were able to see what is possible for someone with no previous experience of diving with sharks and not even much experience behind a camera. This addition to the story was therefore very nice for us all. As a whole we thought the film was incredible. Everything from camera operation to sound recording and post-production work gave the film an impressive profession feeling. The attention to detail was definitely noticeable.

We were able to delve into the life of David as a freelance filmmaker and ask anything and everything that we wanted. From production logistics, editing technique and sound operation to publicising the film and helping its message spread across the globe, David was able to answer all of our queries. We were impressed not only with the quality of the film and it’s engaging nature throughout but also with the way David handled himself when talking to the students. He was really easy to approach and talk to and no one felt intimidated to ask him a question. This made it really useful for us and often we are stuck during the Q&A section of our talks as students may sometimes feel scared or worried to ask certain things.

The only thing that we would have changed is that we would have gotten David down for longer. It could have been a possibility to organise a seminar with David before the screening, during which a select amount of students would have been able to sit down with David and discuss the ins and outs of the industry. Other than that, the screening and Q&A were exactly what the society wanted.”

Isobel CunninghamFalmouth University (Commercial Screening Package)

“I was fortunate enough to collaborate with David when he coloured my short film. 

The whole experience was an absolute joy thanks to David’s exceptional knowledge, diligence, enthusiasm and communication. 

He ensured that every aspect of his work was in-line with the look that we were after but was also able, with his expert-eye, to substantially improve on this vision in ways we could never have imagined beforehand. 

David worked incredibly quickly without sacrificing any quality whatsoever and kept us involved creatively throughout. The result is a grade that we are delighted with and a much better film! 

I will certainly be using David at Scarlet View Media’s services again and again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. In David you will find the perfect creative partner and any production would be lucky to have him.”

Will JeffsFunnel Web Films

“I did the 1-week underwater filmmaking workshop with David Diley in Marsa Shagra, Egypt. That week was definitely a turning point in my knowledge and future plans in underwater video. David taught us a holistic approach to filmmaking, which gets you to think of all aspects of making a film, not just how to handle your camera when underwater. I also really enjoyed the parts about storytelling and connecting viewers to the people in the film. I came out of this workshop looking at filmmaking in a completely different way, and I would definitely recommend any aspiring underwater filmmaker to attend this workshop and learn from David’s expertise.”

Kareem OlabiUnderwater Filmmaker Workshop guest 2017

“This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The training was very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas. The venue, and materials were great, and of course the presenter Mr. David Diley was absolutely an amazing coach and mentor throughout the workshop. I recommend this training for divers interested in Underwater Film-making. It was simply exceptional and I cannot wait to learn more with them.”

Thamer HabisUnderwater Filmmaker Workshop Guest - January 2017

“I booked onto Davids underwater film maker workshop, because it was less focused on technical settings on your camera, and more on how to shoot, edit and build a film, with a compelling story.

As someone who currently uses GoPros when it comes to underwater filming, I was interested to see how the workshop would be run. From the first day, I felt like I was in the right place, even surrounded by people with top quality professional cameras, I felt like I could get just as much out of the workshops, and filming during the diving.

The technical knowledge and advice David was able to provide was very impressive, and he was able to taylor what he was saying to everyone of us on the course, no matter what camera you had. As a result of the week spent in Egypt on this workshop, I feel like my skills and understanding in film making have improved hugely. I feel more able to use shots and editing techniques to create more compelling films, and not just nice videos.

I would recommend Davids workshops to anyone who has an underwater camera (of any kind), and gets excited about filming underwater to create something that has feeling.”

Dan AbbottUnderwater Film-Maker Workshop Guest

I signed up for the underwater film making workshop with David Diley hoping to improve my underwater video shooting …

But I left with much more.

I learned how to direct and plan for a film and now know lots of tips and tricks that can be used while shooting.

The conversation and advice about my future plan was priceless… Not only did it help me a lot but also encouraged me to start and think of a bigger project than I planned for”

Abdulrahman SelimUnderwter Filmmaker Workshop Guest - January 2017

“David Diley is by far the most inspirational guest speaker we have had at Futureworks.  His story of how the film Of Shark and Man was made is informative, educational and most of all entertaining.  The students were talking about the presentation for weeks afterwards and I would advise anyone interested in documentary filmmaking to watch his film and listen to his inspiring story. Brilliant”.

Richard HellawellHead of School for Film, TV & Media - Futureworks, Manchester

“One of the things we try to do on our courses is to bring in guest speakers who will inspire and inform our students, and offer insight into the professional world of film-making. David did all those things and more – he was funny, friendly, engaging and answered every question they could fire at him with genuine honesty and wisdom. It was a fantastic experience for our students, and we’re already discussing when we can get him to come back.”

Tom BohanSenior Lecturer, Futureworks

“I had the pleasure of meeting David in person when I requested to screen his film, ‘Of Shark and Man’ with a Q&A for our members of the Emirates Diving Association in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

David surpassed my expectations with his beautifully executed film and his profound passion for conservation work. I cannot recommend David enough to be a part of his screenings and engage with the audience.

David delivered knowledgeable and interesting responses to the simplest and the most complex of questions asked of him. There is much to be said about a person that holds such a level of commitment and responsibility to save this critically important species for our future generations.”

Ally LandesEmirates Diving Association

Review of “Of Shark and Man

I am very pleased to be able post a review of upcoming shark documentary Of Shark and Man; a documentary based around bull sharks in Fiji!

Having come fresh out of a week of reviewing Discovery Channel UK’s Shark Week, I have to say that I was feeling pretty sick of shark documentaries – coming from someone who has dedicated their life to the study and conservation of sharks, that’s saying quite a bit! When I was asked to review Of Shark and Man, I was feeling jaded, somewhat despondent and more than a little skeptical of shark documentaries. Then I watched it, and my faith was restored.

David Diley has managed to combine a personal journey with the opportunity to share, through stunning imagery and frank commentary, a true depiction of how shark ecotourism can work and how it feels to dive with bull sharks. There is a beauty in the underwater footage that is at once mesmerising, immersive and raw and this, coupled with a masterful soundtrack and Diley’s touchingly heartfelt words, make it hard not to feel like you are on his personal journey with him.

The first thing that I appreciated and applauded this documentary for was that the sharks are portrayed exactly as they are – not sweet and harmless puppies desperate for a cuddle nor vicious and malignant monsters hell bent on devouring any human that happens into their path. Through Diley’s narration, interviews with the various documentary participants and unwaveringly honest footage, this film portrayed bull sharks as the majestic, graceful, powerful, awe-inspiring predators that they truly are. Inclusion of several other species was a welcomed surprise – too often documentaries focus entirely on a single iconic species to the exclusion and detriment of others.

Sharks are not the only stars of this show, and this was another refreshing facet that is grossly underrepresented in the majority of shark documentaries. Beqa Adventure Dives in Fiji, set up and owned by Mike Neumann, a carbon neutral dive centre that runs youth programs, plants mangroves, trains and employs local staff and has been integral in setting up and then extending the Shark Reef Marine Reserve to encompass a 30 mile stretch of water deserves considerable amounts of respect for the incredible work that they continue to do. Interviews with staff members, from the boss to the newly initiated, tell the story of how dedicated and passionate these people are about what they do.

Of Shark and Man’s emphasis on the importance of engaging the local community into shark conservation is extremely well made, clearly illustrating how various community members are fervently engaged in the shark ecotourism and the benefits it brings to them – increased fish catches thanks to marine reserves and an ecosystem that is being restored, revenue for those employed in the industry, increases in tourism which brings revenue to other local businesses, and spiritual benefits harking back to age old customs and beliefs that are still cherished by many. To quote Diley; “This is as much a story about Fijian people as it is Fijian sharks.”

I greatly appreciated the very direct approach Diley took to addressing and discussing the often controversial topic of shark feeding for ecotourism. Not only was the subject forthrightly broached, the strongest opponent to shark feeding in Fiji, marine biologist and ecologist Helen Sykes, was interviewed at length and given the opportunity to provide her frank opinion on the subject. Points were openly countered in an equally open and respectful manner by Neumann. The fact that Sykes had such clear respect for Beqa Adevnture Dives, commended them on their operational protocols and acknowledged the positive aspects of their ecotourism work speaks volumes.

In a time when it feels as though the news, social media and scientific reports are full of stories of ecological disaster, species losses, human-wildlife conflict and more, it was invigorating to be invited into this love story of shark and man, to see that dreams can attained if worked for, to know that progress and conservation success is possible and to share joy that the natural world still inspires such strength of feeling.

Georgia French - Sharkstuffhttps://sharkstuff.wordpress.com/

David has undertaken a number of filming projects for us at Aqua Sphere UK and we couldn’t recommend him highly enough. His thorough approach means that he truly understands our vision each time and the final results show this.

He is always a professional but makes sure that we have fun on set and that everyone is at ease during filming.

We wouldn’t look anywhere else for our filming requirements and we look forward to continuing working with David on future projects.

Stacey LangloisMarketing Executive - Aquasphere UK

Review of “Of Shark and Man”

I recently had the opportunity to view Of Shark and Man, a tremendously engaging documentary by British film maker David Diley. The film chronicles the journey undertaken by the director, a 32 year old Englishman, who ditches his boring, safe career to follow a dream half way around the world, culminating in discovery and a new sense of purpose in a tropic paradise. That Diley’s dream was to dive alone with a school of Bull Sharks makes this prosaic tale something quite extraordinary.

As I watched Of Shark and Man, I vividly remembered my first time seeing the 2006 Canadian documentary Sharkwater, by Rob Stewart, and thinking that the film was going to change the way the world looks at sharks. Rob’s film did positively impact the shark fin trade and how the world perceives sharks in many ways, leading to increased global awareness and efforts to increase shark conservation. It was a pivotal moment in my understanding and appreciation for these magnificent animals, leading to my ever-increasing efforts to support shark conservation and research efforts.

So, on first watching Of Shark and Man, there were some obvious parallels to Sharkwater; a lone man who had a dream, a long journey of discovery, a new sense of wonder and perspective, and a call to action. But as I settled in and began to take notes, I discovered that this story was anything but the same…this was something quite different and magical.

In the opening sequences, we are given narrative by David, a bit of background that starkly painted a picture of a dull, grey existence…a 32 year old in a job he detests, who had dreams of a tropic escape on his mind. David’s dreams weren’t pedestrian or prosaic, though. He explained that as a child he was fascinated by sharks and now, as an adult, he wanted to dive with the largest congregation of Bull Sharks in the world. David was going to take us on a journey to Shark reef, in the Beqa Passage, just off the coast of Pacific Harbour on the south coast of Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu.

The Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas), is a large requiem shark commonly found in warm coastal waters worldwide. With a reputation for aggressive behavior, widespread distribution,  and the ability to live in freshwater, the Bull Shark is identified in the majority of negative shark-human encounters. This pugnacious reputation and their size (almost 4 meters and 650 kilograms) deter most divers from seeking them out.

Once in Fiji we learn, through David’s narrative his dream to go “walkabout” with the Bull Sharks, diving uncaged, alone, in the middle of upwards of a hundred sharks. Of Shark and Man details this month long journey from novice tourist to trusted colleague, and we watch David’s first encounters with these apex predators, awed by the sheer number and size of these sharks.

This story is not just a dairy of a more exciting than usual vacation…there is a strong, continuous conservation message. Of Shark and Man brings the argument for or against shark diving and shark feeding stations to the forefront. Neumann unequivocally asserts the benefits to the sharks, the health of the reef, and the many positives that the tourist trade and growing shark and marine life population have brought to the local villagers. Throughout the movie, we meet and hear the stories of these native shark divers, who work with Neumann and Beqa Adventure Divers. They are unanimous in their support of the operations and the conservation of the sharks. There is a brief interview with scientist opposed to feeding stations, and Neumann is very clear about his disdain for divers who ride, grab and physically harass sharks.

The movie illustrates many of the threats to sharks, and there is a point in the movie where the casual assertions of a poacher harshly serves as a visceral reminder of just how vulnerable sharks are to shark finning, poaching, and over fishing.

Of Shark and Man touches on other conservation efforts that the villagers are engaged in, enlisting them to plant and restore mangroves in the estuary. Mangroves have the capability to form large areas of protection for juvenile marine life and act as coastal zone erosion buffers. Additionally, mangroves can absorb massive amounts of atmospheric carbon, helping to slow global warming.

Throughout the film, we meet many of the different species of sharks that inhabit this unique biosphere. These interactions are filmed in great detail and proximity. I was reminded of a reporter on the street, filming amidst a riot, with frenetic activity all around. The Bull Sharks are the stars of the show, and Of Shark and Man brings us literally nose to nose with these sharks, with some of the most stunning and bold cinematography ever seen. No amount of Hollywood CGI can duplicate the pinpoint clarity of point-blank shooting seen in this film.

The film takes us through the journey and out the other side…and the many milestones along the way are insightful and entertaining, stimulating and though-provoking. This isn’t a movie about diving as much as it is a film about a diver who has a love affair with sharks. David Diley and his story are well worth the watching and I would heartily recommend Of Shark and Man to anyone who has a passion for the Ocean and for sharks. At 98 minutes, this is a full-length feature film…and like any good roller coaster, the best comes near the end…the last 10 minutes are absolutely amazing, with the most stunning footage of sharks I have ever seen.

John B Griffithwww.deeperblue.com

Review of “Of Shark and Man”

Recently, we were given the wonderful opportunity to watch the feature length shark documentary Of Shark and Man. Below, you will find our review of it:

Of Shark and Man represents what all good documentaries should be; a heartfelt story told tastefully, artistically and has the immense capability to move you. David Diley does a fantastic job of balancing his own narrative, the story of Fiji and the story of the sharks of Fiji. He does it so well, in fact, that you do not realize there are three different stories going on, but instead one finely blended tale.

Everything about this feature length documentary was perfect; the editing, the narratives, the cinematography, the underwater footage – all of it, seriously. David does a marvelous job of getting you interested in his own story by pulling you in with the abstract of Fiji and its’ sharks, and finally… delivering fully with his own personal goals within the film, and it is exactly what the title hints at; of shark and man.

This film is not just your basic run of the mill shark documentary. No sir! A lot of documentaries have come out lately where all they are is semi-decent underwater shots, terrible voice overs and zero plot lines. Of Shark and Man smashes those films to bits, and the best part about all of that is that it didn’t even try, it is just naturally that amazing and awe inspiring.

The music was like nothing I have ever heard before – it made me laugh, cry, worry and it made me dance, too! It is quite refreshing to hear such tastefully created music, which I may add, was influenced by the culture and way of life of Fiji. Way to keep your film authentic, David!

The way this film blends all of the stories into one beautiful (love) story is absolute poetry. Diley is a master of his craft, and this film is even more proof of his enormous talents! We had so many emotions running through us during the entire film (this is what a good feature length does! It moves you) – happiness, sadness, shock, fear, awe… you name it!

In our very humble opinion, this film proves to be exactly what it promised to be – real, emotional and thought provoking. Well done David, you have yet again put your money where your mouth is and You, sir, have delivered!


Review of “Of Shark and Man”

I first heard about David Diley when he contacted me a year ago, asking me about the conservation work we do at Pelagic Life, and about our film México Pelágico, still in production at the time.

A very pleasant conversation ended with me sending him a private screener of the film, and as the old action-reaction result, David wrote one of the very first reviews of MP, and the one I cherish the most.

Today, one year later, the tables are turned, and I had the privilege to be invited to watch a private online screener of David’s film, Of Shark and Man.

I’m not into blogging at all, but I can at least try to return the favor, and if I’m going to write on a semi-regular basis about stuff that interest me, I can’t think of anything better to start with.

Before today, I didn’t really knew what David’s film was about, other than it had to do with sharks. To my surprise, as I started watching it, it turned out that it was a story about… me. David’s story is in so many ways my own.

A kid fascinated by sharks from a very young age; not by the media-portrayed monster, but by the creature itself, and its role within the ecosystem. A kid that grew up in a big city to a job that paid the bills, until his curiosity and love for the ocean led him to take the plunge into a more adventurous, fulfilling life.

In the shape of a trip to Fiji, the film is a personal journey into a beautiful and majestic world beneath the surface, and a self-transformation process deep inside the filmmaker’s soul.

When you take that path of telling your own story, it’s very easy to get lost in the process and end up with a big ego-trip enjoyable only to the author. Fortunately, this is not the case. David comes out as very likeable, charismatic average Joe that had the guts to get out there and explore. The first-hand tale of his learning curve, that makes you want to be right there and then with him.

In the film, David is sort of adopted by Mike Neumann, a shark diving pioneer, and through his blog, a tough critic of every shark diving operator and shark conservationist worth mentioning. Regardless if we like Mike’s opinion of everything, his story is worth telling. We owe him in large part the demythification of sharks by bringing us closer to them, and proving to the world that sharks are worth more alive than dead; a mantra we live by at Pelagic Life every day.

Fiji is a world-class example of shark conservation, and David uses stunning cinematography, an honest voice, and the perfect music to describe not only his personal endeavor, but also that of the island, their people, and their relationship with sharks.

Like David says in his film, you can either create a story around a shark jumping out of the water with its jaws wide open, or you can tell the real story, the one that is already there. David went for the second one, and he did it right.

Jorge Cervera HauserDirector of "Mexico Pelagico"

“David Diley, of Scarlet View Media, filmed and graded the music video for my song “Tea”, directed and edited by HARUKO, as part of my debut album “Heart Of Stone.”

I was nothing short of impressed by the outcome. With one camera, and less than half a day in Yearsley Forest in North Yorkshire, David easily and beautifully captured the essence of my song. His ideas, and shots during the filming were uniquely captivating, practical and technically sound. The cold and intermittent bouts of rain only served to make the filming more adventurous. I look forward to working with him again.”

Eleni SkarpariEcho Wants Her Voice Back - "Tea" (Music Video)

Title Role hired David Diley for a programme ‘Crimes That Shook Britain – The Marchioness’ detailing the events of the historic disaster which was commissioned by the Crime & Investigation Network which broadcasts on Sky / Virgin / BT & TalkTalk
Title Role were provided with a clear understanding of what was possible and how long it would take to film taking into account the safety procedures. Scarlet View Media take their safety very seriously when working underwater and Title Role felt at ease with their expertise and good practice.

The final filmed footage was fantastic, it was clear well focused and gave the right amount of mood we were after and the majority of what was filmed made the final cut in edit.

Ian BradshawTitle Role Productions

As much as we would like it, not every diver is able to attend EUROTEK. We therefore wanted a mechanism that would give a flavour of this advanced diving conference whilst inspiring and informing the audience. The solution was to get a series of high end, quality, mini lectures filmed in the style of the TED Talks. The entertaining educational talks would showcase some of our amazing speakers and provide a handy resource for the diving community.

David Diley listened to the brief, worked with our budget and came up with a smashing solution. His easy manner brought out the best in our speakers. This sounds something quite easy to achieve, it is not. Most speakers ‘feed’ off their audiences reaction. To talk cold into a camera and deliver an engaging presentation takes a working partnership. The speaker and the cameraman. David made this look effortless and put all our speakers at ease. The polished result is something gorgeous and useful and surpassed our expectations. We look forward to working with David in the future when we continue to build the EUROTEK TEKTalks library for divers worldwide.

Rosemary E LunnCo-founder / Co-organiser EUROTEK Advanced Diving Conference

“Working with Scarlet View Media was a pleasure from start to finish, as a photographer myself it was essential that I was able to communicate my ideas to potential clients through a visual medium and I had my reservations as to whether another ‘creative’ would be able to grasp my ideas.

David was superb, not only did he immediately understand my requirements, he delivered a brilliant piece of emotive work that was far beyond my expectations. The entire project had to be planned, filmed and produced to the client within 7 days and this was achieved through excellent communication, a professional approach on the day of filming and a realistic management of mine and my client’s expectations. David is also a very nice bloke which goes a long way in the creative world! Highly recommended.”

Richard Milnes (Video Shoot for The Christie)Richard Milnes Photohraphy

“Working with David has been a pleasure. He approached us with great ideas and has worked flexibly and creatively throughout the process. His attention to detail is second to none and his willingness to go the extra mile to get the right shot is apparent. He very quickly got under the skin of what we were trying to achieve and perfectly interpreted our ideas and ambitions for our films. The work that he has delivered is outstanding and not only meets our brief, but far exceeds our expectations. We’d be happy to recommend David as both an individual and as a professional, you’ll find him fun to work with, easy to work with and very capable of delivering fantastic, engaging work.”

Fiona Walker, Marketing Executive - Apeks Marine Equipment

“I first met David at a dive show in the UK, and after being recommended to by another previous client of his. I must say that his work ethic and attention to detail is fantastic. The first of the two films we commissioned David to film had myself in front of the camera. I was very quickly put at ease and the results are outstanding. It was filmed inside out factory and even though David had the camera and sound recorder following staff around the factory he never caused an issue and production carried on. The second film was on location in Mull, Scotland and it was a pleasure to spend a full week together 24/7 as we not only worked together for up to 16hrs a day but also lived together in a shared house we were using as a location. He is a joy to work with and I now can’t wait until we can think of another great idea to get him back.”

Dean Martin, Sales Director, Apeks Marine Equipment

We approached David Diley of Scarlet View Media to help our company produce a short corporate video. The brief that we gave David was quite complex due to the end result that we required. David quickly and easily understood our needs and translated these into an end product that more than met our expectations. I found David to be very professional and diligent in his work whilst creating a very relaxed and stress free environment in which to collaborate with our own ideas. I would highly recommend David as a film maker.

Peter Greenwell, Commercial General Manager, Apeks Marine Equipment

Chris Wilson: Dave is very professional yet he maintains a really easy going persona as he works. He has a great understanding of how a band should be represented and as a perfectionist delivers the best possible outcome he can.

Owen Wilson: Working with Dave from Scarlet View Media was an absolute pleasure. He pays attention to every small detail and brings out the best in his client and crew. Our whole shoot was organised so thoroughly that a months work was condensed in to only a couple of weeks. We could not be happier with the music video he created for us!

Andrew Richards: Regarding the Canaya music video, Dave managed to execute a potentially difficult shoot (time and venue restrictions) without any hiccups whatsoever. There were never any difficulties Dave could not find a solution for and as a whole the project ran seamlessly. He is such a creative and innovative guy, we would definitely use Scarlet View Media in the future!

Simon Wright: Awesome! the guy brought out the best performance in the band and regardless of the tight deadline Dave kept his cool and made the whole process completely pain free for us as the client!

CanayaLeeds based Metal BandCanaya Facebook Page

“David Diley is, without a doubt, a great film maker.

The concept for the video of “Over, Under” was previously quite rigorously thought out, but due to adverse weather conditions which were, on the one hand, perfect for the look we were going for, but terrible for most of the crew to actually get to the location, the shot list quickly had to be reviewed and streamlined in the dwindling window of opportunity to shoot in the light.

David is such an easy person to get along and work with, and however conscious he must have been of the need to press forward quickly, it never rubbed off on anyone else involved. A potentially stressful situation was made fun and creative. When morale was low, he was full of jokes, and when inspiration struck, he was quick to capture it.

David and I were in regular contact during post-production, and the process was made very transparent and collaborative. The render button was not pressed until we both agreed that it was finished, and that communication was so, so effective and important.

I can’t wait for the next opportunity we’ll have to work together!”

David LawrieMusician

“I knew how important it was to Debs to have a wedding video she could be really proud of, and we’d struggled to find the right person until your name came up.

From the first time we met I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed and it was a huge weight of our shoulders to have someone so passionate, reliable and committed in charge of such an important part of our big day. You really put us at ease and thought of lots of aspects we hadn’t even considered. I was really pleased to see how professionally you handled everything from the start and I knew right away you were perfect for the job.

I can’t tell you how thankful we are for all your hard work, we have a very stylish video to treasure forever and no matter how many times we watch it were always left wanting to see more, you really did capture the moment perfectly.

The quality of your work is impeccable, from the seamless editing of the music and video to the way you jumped between the speeches it’s really entertaining to watch – and all in stunning HD on our blu-ray. The DVD disks and the boxes looked fantastic too. We gave them as presents to the mother in-laws and they were very pleased with them.
We’ve had loads of positive feedback and have some very jealous friends, lots asking where they can get theirs done too.

We cant recommend you highly enough, Not only have you left us with the perfect video but a great friend too.

We wish you all the best for the future, we’re sure you’ll be in very high demand for a very long time. Just a shame you don’t do wedding venues, suit hire and food – we’d have quite happily let you do the lot!

Andy and Debbie HuzarWedding Video

David is a hugely talented Film-Maker with a bright future. His creativity, passion and innovative approach to whatever he does ensures that quality and style are always of the highest level. His attention to detail, willingness to work harder than most and extremely high level of professionalism means he is a joy to work with and is one of the very tiny number of people we have trusted to get truly up close and personal with our Bull Sharks here in Beqa Lagoon. His friendly and personable demeanour also makes him an excellent man-manager, putting even the most nervous of people at ease when in front of the camera. We cannot wait to work with David again!” 

Mike NeumannBeqa Adventure Divers

David’s professional approach and attention to detail is as impressive as it is effective. His recent short film “A Ray of Light” about the conservation of Stingrays in Mallorca demonstrates this passionate approach to storytelling in this visual medium. I am very impressed with this early work and look forward to more from this promising film-maker.” 

Jim StandingFourth Element

“Mark has been wonderful in creating my promo video backing track. I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted and somehow despite my very vague, brief descriptions he was able to put those visions into reality perfectly! He has been more than helpful in tweaking the edit to get to the final cut for which I am very grateful. I’d definitely recommend Mark and Scarlet View!”

Katie GeddesThe Dance Studio Leeds

Thank you for the awesome photo shoot you gave for us on the 21st of October. You totally captured the spirit of the band and helped us portray that visually. Not to mention the speed in which you got back to us with a date and price and furthermore, the speed in which we received the material back from you. Now we can move forward with promoting the band further and better.

We had no doubts that you would do an awesome job, but we were not prepared for your enthusiasm and energy in getting the best out of us and the settings we chose for the shoot.You got us all motivated in trying different places, even when we thought the shoot was over, you suggested other places to try out which we are happy you did because it produced even more amazing material for us to work with.

The price was very good too, especially as it included editing, as well as having you for as long as possible and as many photos as possible too. You really showed an interest in the appearance of the band an that helped us relax and work together well. You were extremely patient with us and were also open to suggestions.

It was a great pleasure working with you. Thank you for all your effort in getting the best out of us and presenting us with something awesome to promote the band with.

Based on comments we have had from fans and friends alike, we will certainly be contacting you in the future for our next photo shoot or even video!!

On behalf of all of Liber Necris, Thank you”

Liber Necris

Working with David on our first project together back in March 2011, he not only impressed me with his commitment to the project but also his extremely high level of professionalism, going above and beyond his responsibilities to ensure we produced at the highest quality possible. His creative skills are inspiring to say the least, leadership skills that motivate team members and an advisory ability that was and is endlessly appreciated. Having such a positive first experience with David has solidified not only a long term professional working relationship, but also a friendship that is built on respect, trust and common interest.

David is our Head of Cinematography within Ondine, he has directed, produced and edited A Ray of Light which has been generating a large amount of interest within our community here in Mallorca and internationally. Whilst producing this film David´s dedication to his chosen profession was obvious and his communication skills are exceptional.

Working with David Diley, being inspired by David Diley and enjoying productions by David Diley is an absolute pleasure!!”

Brad RobertsonOndine Escape

David Diley has a passion for sharks and their conservation. As the conservation manager for Palma Aquarium my experience working with David in the filming of “Behind Blue Glass” was a very positive one, he made the whole process a comfortable and thrilling issue. David made everyone feel very confident and at ease, it was a pleasure to see his expertise put into action. David has achieved many of his goals by sacrificing his own personal interests and economical income, this demonstrates his enthusiasm and his solid philosophy in terms of protecting and preserving the essential natural balance of our seas and oceans. The natural environment is very much in need of people like David Diley.”

Debora MorrisonPalma Aquarium