Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes we do! We have commercial insurance including public and employers liability insurance for terrestrial, underwater and aerial filming, up to £5,000,000.00.

For higher budget productions, we also ensure we have additional insurance if needed to cover everything required in the project.

We’ll work anywhere, any time. We have a lot of experience filming in many different countries and particularly look forward to working in new places.

We have a large selection of cameras, kit and lighting solutions so we are well equipped to handle most shoots. There may be times when additional kit is required and in those cases, we’ll rent that additional kit. This will be included in the production budget.

It can vary. For colourist and audio jobs taking three days or less, we’ll send a single invoice for all completed works upon written sign off from the client. The final masters will then be dispatched to the client upon receipt of payment.

For larger projects, we’ll take a deposit up front to book out the time. A job is not confirmed until receipt of the deposit in those cases.

Absolutely! If your content is well shot and well lit, we ensure everything we send out to clients is good enough to pass quality control to go on TV, regardless of whether that is the intended delivery platform. As an experienced commercial colourist, David ensures all quality control is handled before the project leaves our studio and is delivered in the correct formats as requested by the client.

We are always open to discussing reduced rates in return for regular work. For our clients requiring regular colour grading work, we have a discount structure available based on projects per month.

Call us on 07855 952466 or email david@scarletviewmedia.com to find out more.

No. Please don’t do this.

The HSE are very exacting on how productions in marine environments should be handled and that’s a good thing. You need professionals who know what they’re doing, that’s why we’re here!

If you need a few stock clips for a project, you can license them through Artgrid at the following link:


Absolutely! We welcome regular contact with the clients we are working with, in fact, we encourage it! Our goal is to understand exactly what you require and exceed your expectations. We can only do that with clear communication.

We consider ourselves to be the best at what we do. Part of that is due to the fact we offer something few, if any others do, niche filming expertise with the full broadcast/theatrical standard post-production service, all delivered by our in-house team.

This means we don’t hire in contractors for editing, digital grading, sound design, audio mixing and music. Years of working together as a team means efficient workflows, familiarity with expected standards, water-tight quality control and faster turnaround times for clients.