Bespoke Music, Recorded Just For You

We have a team of multi-instrumentalists, blending their own unique audio specialties with all writing styles. Our compositions have been recorded for, or placed in, films, television, commercials, radio, and theatre around the world. If you require bespoke music for your production, we can provide you with multiple options, across many genres.

You may have reference pieces in mind, if so, our team can compose and record bespoke music exclusive to your project using these references as a starting point. If you don’t have references, no problem, we will talk to you about themes, concepts and atmospheres you have in mind to make sure we can make your project come to life with music that is designed to augment your stories.


Don't worry about the legal stuff, we've got you.

You have your project, you know what kind of music you need, but have you considered licensing?

Licensing your music is absolutely essential. If you don’t ensure you have the correct licensing rights to a piece of music, you can find your film or video has been removed from streaming platforms or even worse, you miss out on distribution or broadcast opportunities because you don’t have the correct permissions.

At Scarlet View, we can handle all of that for you ensuring your music is correctly registered and you have the rights to use it. Not only that, we can assist with cue sheets and everything else you need to ensure your project is good to go!