The process of creating a look for a film or video project can be a complex and time consuming one, some of course are more difficult than others and no two projects are ever the same, because of that, we don’t have templates we duplicate for multiple projects. We create a grade and look for your project and your project only.

The length of the project will obviously affect the length of time it takes to grade but that doesn’t mean that two projects equal in length, will take the same length of time to grade and as such, given the vast array of variables, we don’t have a set list of prices, for example, we don’t price our service per minute of your film, instead, we charge a variable daily rate, dependent upon the type of project you have. Our grading days last eight hours, with the level of intensity which goes into each of those hours often varying greatly from project to project, hence the variable daily rate. For example, an hour grading a corporate interview will be less intensive than an hour grading a film shot for broadcast or festival purposes and as such our rates for grading films are higher than for grading corporate interviews.

We will occasionally work outside of our standard daily rates for projects we really believe in and want to be a part of however, we will always charge a rate that reflects the expertise and passion we put into everything. Please don’t ask us to work to a rate well below the value of our service, if we would be prepared to work on your project at a discounted rate, you can be sure we will raise the issue with you.

  • Corporate Promo

    £380 Per Day

  • Music Video

    £400 Per Day

  • Short Film (Online)

    £360 Per Day

  • Television Commercial

    £500 Per Day

  • Short Film (Festival/Broadcast)

    £400 Per Day

  • Documentary (30 minutes or over)

    £300 Per Day

  • Film (30 minutes or over)

    £500 Per Day


  • On site briefings or location days are charged at the relevant standard daily rate
  • Any changes requested to a completed grade are charged at the standard daily rate
  • Payment for hard drives and any hardware such as Blu-Ray discs, USB Sticks etc, is the responsibility of the client
  • Any test grades of clips for clients wishing to have options of looks from which they choose their grade, are chargeable at £65 per clip unless we have confirmed in writing otherwise
  • Any travel expenses will be charged to the client
  • On-location file transfer and/or conforming of footage will be charged at £240 per for a full day (up to 8 hours including travel) or £120 for a half day (4 hours or less)


We like to keep things as simple for you as possible, including payment, so listed below, is an overview of what to expect when you commission Scarlet View Media to handle your grading and look build:

  1. Get in contact with us to discuss your project
  2. We will arrange either a face to face meeting or video call with you to get the full details of what you need, confirmed also in writing
  3. If production on your project has already wrapped, we will ask you to provide us with a HD copy to view in full
  4. You will receive a quote from us shortly after, along with any relevant notes
  5. Upon acceptance of our quote, you will be asked to provide us with two hard drives, with all project files included (See details here)
  6. Upon receipt of your drives and confirmation all is in working order, you will be issued an invoice for 50% of the total amount payable
  7. Upon receipt of payment, we will start work on your project
  8. Upon completion of your project you will receive a link to a password protected stream video of your project
  9. If you’re happy, we ask you confirm in writing, at which point the final invoice will be issued. Any changes requested will be made and charged on the final invoice
  10. Upon receipt of the final invoice, paid in full, you will receive both hard-drives with all project files, graded clips, XMLs of the clean and graded timeline and a high bit rate master version of the project in full, with our grade