• Denoising

    Clean that nasty digital noise from footage shot in lowlight

You’ve spent months writing, researching and fund raising for your video or film project, you have great shots and an exciting story all wrapped up in a very professional looking edit but now, you have the job of making that footage really come to life, to correct any things in there you don’t like, noise, artifacts, over exposed areas or overbearing colours you wish you’d noticed when you shot the scene, not only that, you need to think about how the grade of your film augments and marries up with your story but that costs thousands and thousands of pounds and requires expertise, patience and super expensive grading software which you don’t have…Gulp!

Approaching a grade and look build for your project can be a daunting time for a film-maker, you’re at the back end of possibly months, even years of work and you know that the finished aesthetic of your footage could make or break your film. This doesn’t just apply to film-makers either, corporate video doesn’t have to look bad or cheap, why should it, they’ve paid for quality so why let all that hard work fall apart with bad (or non-existent) colour correction and a sloppy grade?

Yes, the digital grade process can be complex, hugely time consuming and eye wateringly expensive but here at Scarlet View, we don’t see it like that, in fact, we genuinely love the whole aspect of colour grading and because of that, we are here to take the weight off your shoulders, handle the whole “look building” process and also, probably, save you some money!

Whether you are in pre-production and have still to shoot a single frame, or you have a fully completed edit that just needs that extra sprinkling of aesthetic magic dust, we’re the people you should be speaking to! Regardless of the size of your project, we can offer the kind of high end grading and stylising you see at the movies, with the affordability you won’t get from larger studios. We don’t do templates, we don’t just “drag and drop” and we don’t use the same styles over and over again for multiple clients. You tell us the look you want and we build it from scratch and use it on your project only.

For a more detailed look at why you should choose Scarlet View Media to handle your project, please check out the Digital Grading section of this site.