• Shoot “flat” in camera: When you are shooting your film, avoid factory preset picture styles, instead, use Log video profiles which are designed to give you maximum dynamic range and to retain as much colour detail as possible. These do not look good straight out of the camera, they look flat and lifeless but don’t worry, they are meant to look like that! If we get a film shot in Log format, we can do so much more with your grade.
  • Consider the grade before you shoot: If you have an idea of how you want your project to look, think how the grade can be positively influenced by the cinematography and vice versa. If you want lovely rich, warm colours, shoot in the golden hour, desolate, industrial wastelands?
  • Use light…Lots of light! Take the time to light your scenes properly, light means detail and in a grade, where sometimes heavy manipulation is required, footage shot in too low light, can start to fall apart and that really doesn’t look great. This especially applies to all you Underwater Film-Makers out there!
  • Manual settings…Always manual settings, NEVER AUTO!! Auto ISO and white balance are problematic when it comes to getting an evenly balanced grade. Sometimes, it’s necessary, especially in documentary “run n gun” style shoots and in those, you can get away with it but if you’re shooting a film, music video or corporate promo, step away from the Auto settings dial!
  • If in doubt, ask! We specialise in Cinematography, Editing and Look Building, we do it all so if you have any questions about how it all ties together and how you can maximise the potential of your project, we will get involved right from day one and help you with advice on everything so that when we get your footage, we are starting the grade from the highest level of quality available.