Wedding Videos – Capturing The Most Important Day Of Your Life

Your wedding is up there with the most important days of your life, especially for the bride, she may have grown up dreaming of the day she marries the man of her dreams, in the dress of her dreams, surrounded by all your friends and family so if you’re planning on capturing the day forever, you need to make sure it’s done properly.

Where we differ from some other companies offering wedding video production, is that we limit how many we do per month to ensure we avoid becoming something of a production line, using templates and taking short cuts, all of which leads to an inferior product and we don’t do “inferior” at Scarlet View Media. We make sure we can dedicate the time it takes to give you the wedding film you deserve, that might mean you have to be patient, but we are confident you’ll feel the wait was worth it.

Full HD capture as standard, a minimum of two cameramen as standard with access to even bigger crews for higher budget weddings, colour correction and grading as standard, audio editing as standard and options for your finished film on Blu-Ray, DVD and USB Drive, whichever you prefer. If you want either a Blu-Ray or DVD option, all inserts and disc labels are professionally printed on high quality print paper.

We work flexibly so whatever you want (within reason of course) we can do, this is one of the reasons we don’t offer set packages and instead, come to meet you both to discuss everything with plenty of time before the big day, to ensure you get what you want and we can plan for everything to make us being there as unobtrusive and easy for you as we can.


We also offer extras like special cinematic filming equipment to really elevate the look of your big day, bonus material, special messages and candid photography of the whole event to ensure we maintain a fully bespoke service and you don’t feel limited in what’s on offer!

When we film your wedding, it isn’t just the most important day of your lives, it becomes the most important day of our lives too, we appreciate exactly what a perfect wedding means to you, whatever the type of mood and atmosphere you want to create for your day.

What about the cost?

We probably won’t be the cheapest quote you get but did you get cheapest dress, cheapest venue or cheapest caterers? We pride ourselves on being at the higher end of the quality scale and when you hire us, we work harder than most for as long as is needed to get the job done properly, that includes the post production process. We value what we do and we know that when you see your wedding film, you will too. When Scarlet View Media captures your big day, we make sure you get value for money.

Professional equipment, professional experience and a friendly, approachable and enthusiastic professional attitude. Why not have a look through our testimonials or just get in contact with us to discuss what you want?