We understand that a VFX Artist isn’t just for the big blockbuster explosions productions.

The best effects are often ones you didn’t even realise were there, whether it’s saving shots from a low flying boom, making an airport when only a cafe is available or blowing up planets, our VFX wizard, Tom, can not only enhance and develop your story beyond what you thought was possible, he might just save it too.

Having now worked in the industry for over six years in independent feature films, corporate advertising and virtual reality, Tom has embraced aspects of each world. As a VFX Supervisor & Compositor, working on set alongside the crew to ensure that any effect can be captured to the highest quality, Tom is well versed in ensuring compositing can be as simple and realistic as possible once back in the studio.

It’s not just the complicated stuff we excel at, we also provide high end motion graphics and logo animation to give your project that extra gloss of class and cool that really helps you stand out from the crowd.

Notable Credits:

2018 | The Collector Protocol – VFX Animator
2018 | The Strangers (Feature) – VFX Supervisor
2018 | Macmillan Cancer Research 360 (Commercial) – 360 Supervisor
2018 | Ida Mae “If You Don’t Love Me” (Music Video) – DOP
2018 | The Young Cannibals (Feature) – Lead VFX Artist
2018 | Matchbox (Short) – Animator
2018 | The End Of Us (Short) – VFX Compositor
2018 | Red Cross 360 (Commercial) – VFX Supervisor/Compositor
2017 | Hoeseasons 360 (Commercial) – 360 Operator/Editor
2017 | Ida Mae “Feel It Getting Closer” (Music Video) – DOP
2017 | Feed The Rhino “Timewave Zero” (Music Video) – DOP/VFX Compositor
2017 | HOG 360 (Event Promo) – 360 Operator/Editor
2016 | The Shoemakers Tale (Short) – VFX Supervisor/Compositor
2016 | Monarch Water (Commercial) – VFX Supervisor/Compositor
2015 | Imagen (Commercial) – VFX Supervisor
2014 | A Curveball Story (Commercial) – Animator
2013 | Wounded (Short) – VFX Compositor