The process of underwater filming can be complex, time consuming and hazardous, but when it’s done well, it can provide the world with images which inspire, thrill and educate. At Scarlet View Media, we are passionate about capturing marine footage in creative, cinematic and engaging ways which elevate your productions to the highest levels possible.

We can handle everything required to get you the footage you need for your underwater projects.

We are able to ensure your shoot runs as smoothly as possible, on time and in budget. From assembling the dive team, advising on legal responsibilities and ensuring full safety and risk assessments are carried out, to actually capturing the footage itself, we get the job done.


In line with UK regulations, Scarlet View Media are a HSE commercially qualified Media Diving service provider.

If your production is for a UK based network or production company and/or you’re filming within 12 miles of the UK’s coastline, you are legally required to ensure any commercially contracted professionals comply with HSE guidelines. Find out more here.

With a track record of providing high end marine content in both our own films and for commercial clients we have built a reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting production teams for underwater content.

We are not only professional, motivated, passionate and technically aware, we also understand the film-making process.

We are film-makers ourselves which means we understand the nuances and importance of storytelling, it’s what we do. Our expertise means we can simply turn up and shoot what you say if that’s what you want, or we can work with you to design sequences based on creative ways to deliver your message or the emotion you want to convey to your audience in the most powerful and effective manner. Throughout the whole process, we work alongside you to achieve your vision. Your goal, is our goal.


Scarlet View Media’s reputation was built on our work with sharks, an area in which we specialise and have a great deal of experience.

Not only are we experts at capturing stunning imagery of these incredible animals, we also have specialist knowledge of the animals themselves, meaning we can advise on all aspects of any productions involving sharks.

We work closely with various operators around the world, with whom we have strong relationships, to get the footage we do and it is testament to the way we work that those operators continue to work with us and recommend Scarlet View to others.