Two Commercial Promo Films In Post Production

Boats 4

It’s been a busy few weeks in Scarlet View Towers, fatherhood, working towards completion of the first cut of “Of Shark and Man,” and pre-production, production and now post production of two very different but equally cool commercial promos for a client I am thoroughly enjoying working with.

So what can I tell you about them? Firstly, the client is to remain confidential at this stage as is the content of both pieces as they will drive a company rebrand being rolled out across 2014/2015 so I can’t give any juicy details just yet but I can say the following. The client is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high end, speciality products aimed at the serious amateurs and full time pros in their field and like us, they value workmanship, craft and innovation. As for the films, both are in short film format, between 5-9 minutes at this stage, one product specific, another, more brand and lifestyle focused.

That’s all I can really say right now but having reviewed the footage from the recent week long shoot in Mull, you’re in for a treat when they are finally available for release. We don’t do things by half at Scarlet View, if we can make it cinematic then that’s what we’ll do and here, we certainly did that!

We also had the client with us on set, mucking in and getting involved with production and they were fantastic, a big thanks to the guys for all their help and enthusiasm, it was long, tiring and at times, bloody cold, but it was great fun and creatively rewarding, so by all means, a success!