Our New Speciality Full Service Digital Grade Service Is Here!

We are very happy to finally announce the arrival of our speciality Digital Grading service! Take a minute to check out a very small selection of recent projects for which we have developed stylised look builds.

The colour correction and look building stage of post-production is something we have always taken extremely seriously here, it’s one of the reasons our output is so effective. Taking the time to apply a grade that augments the footage and improves the final product, over just applying a look for the sake of it, can even be the deciding factor in the success of your film. A great grade and aesthetic can bring everything so much more to life and put across the image that the film-maker is serious, professional and creative, a bad grade can have the completely opposite effect! We are here to give you the former and help you completely avoid the latter!

Who  is eligible for the Scarlet View Digital Grading treatment? Everybody! Whether you are an independent standalone Film-Maker with a project in pre-production or an already finished edit that you want to wow audiences at the film festivals, a production company with a corporate promo, music video or wedding film that you want to give a cinematic, Hollywood style look, maybe you have a TV pilot, a documentary or feature that needs a professional broadcast quality grade, it doesn’t matter, if you have a project you want to stand out from the rest, we are here to help.

We can get involved in your project at any stage, be it during pre-production before you’ve even shot a single frame, helping you design the look, advising on ways you can ensure the cinematography is geared towards the final look you want or right at the end of production when you have a finished film that needs grading and in some cases, with footage that needs fixing or cleaning up, we have the expertise, passion, enthusiasm and tools to do the job.

Digital Grading can be an expensive business, the tools required to handle the  vigorous and processor intensive task of applying professional, broadcast standard grades to very large HD video files, is not cheap and when you factor in the time it can take, the cost of giving your film the look you want can spiral out of control. At Scarlet View we offer an affordable solution to ensure that whilst helping you save money, you don’t lose out on quality. We have daily rates which vary depending upon the type of project, we ensure that before any work is carried out, we totally understand your needs and requirements, we keep you in the loop with regular updates and examples of the looks as they progress and for companies or Film-Makers with regular or multiple projects, we are always prepared to discuss discounted daily rates. If you are in need of a dedicated, passionate and professional grading service, Scarlet View Media should be on your contact list!

Please take the time to visit the section on our website with all the info you need.

If you don’t know what Digital Grading is all about, check out these cool, behind the scenes, looks into a couple of recent(ish) films and how they handled the grade process:

Lord of The Rings – Part I
Lord of the Rings- Part II
Se7en – Part I
Se7en – Part II