“Of Shark and Man” Teaser Trailer 3 Out Now!

It’s been a busy old few weeks at Scarlet Towers, two commercial shoots on the go, a brand new baby, talking to potential new clients and now, a dose of the winter lurgy but this last week has been all about one thing, the third and final Teaser Trailer for our feature film debut, “Of Shark and Man.”

The teasers serve two purposes, firstly, to promote the film to the public whilst it is still in the post production stage, before a full theatrical trailer is released and secondly, to try out looks for the film, allowing us to get close to a finished aesthetic by the time the grading comes along. It’s simple but effective, the film is split into three main subjects, the story of the man, an ordinary lad from the north of England who quits his job in a moment of clarity, makes himself homeless and sacrifices and gambles everything to achieve his dreams. That dream is to make a series of films about sharks, completely different to everything else, creative, innovative, inspiring and cinematic and those sharks present the second subject content. Thirdly (is that a word?) we have the conservation aspect of this film and thus, the three teasers represent each.

This third teaser represents a big step towards the finished aesthetic. We never intended to “letterbox” the film but having done so on this trailer, I have to say, I absolutely love it, I also love the palette and look of the trailer, it’s filmic, epic and has that real cinematic look you can only achieve with expert colour correction and grading, something we will be talking about in the next blog by the way.

There is also a standard widescreen version if you prefer that look.

So far, a week on from its release, the viewing stats have been fantastic and the feedback 100% positive, many people saying this is their favourite of the three. The film is nearing completion of a first cut and there will be a crowd funding campaign to aid its release. This is an important film, telling an important story and as a piece of media, stands far and away from many of its contemporaries in look, content, feel, sound and yes, quality. We are that confident about it!

We will be adding a dedicated section of this site to the film in the coming weeks so keep up to date and help us get this out to a global audience. It’s time to put the innovation back into shark films!!