Introducing the first Teaser Trailer for “From the Office to the Ocean Part 1 – Of Shark and Man”

Film is at the forefront of what we do here at Scarlet View Media, in fact, we look at all our “video” work as films, we see a distinction between the two, a video being the capture of moving image, a film being an expression of art through moving image, something which conveys a message, emotion and a story through the meticulous capture, sequencing and manipulation of moving images.

Our biggest project by far has been the continued development and production of a feature-length film, set in both Fiji and the UK, which tells two engaging and incredible stories, intertwined to become one, a document of human will, spirit, endeavour and achievement in conservation and of the power of dreams, determination and self belief all relating back to what we think is the coolest thing on the planet. Sharks.

There is a phenomenon called the “shark bump” whereby it has been proven that the inclusion of sharks in a production increases not only interest in the project, but also audience and ratings but we’re not doing this for the “shark bump,” we appreciate its benefit but it’s never been a motivational element of this film.

This film has been a labour of love for us since the idea first came about almost ten years ago. It took a year to secure the backing to shoot it, a month to shoot and as I type, post production has been ongoing for over a year. It’s an enormous project, as challenging as it is fulfilling, as complex as it is exciting and with no post production funding or support it’s a constant uphill struggle but progress is good and support is growing every day.

In less than two full weeks, the trailer has been viewed by over 6000 people in 98 countries and that’s off the back of social media word of mouth only, as far as we can tell, there has been no hosting on major websites or news outlets so what does this mean? It means people are interested!

The purpose of a teaser trailer is to pique the interest of as wide an audience as possible and to inform them that something is coming their way which they just might like. This first teaser focusses on the human interest side of the story, the second will focus on the sharks and the third on the conservation aspect of the film. These three teasers will be followed by one, maybe two full trailers upon the completion of the final cut. The next intended step is to conduct a handful of press screenings, take the film on the festival circuit, follow that with an independent tour of the film in small cinemas and screening facilities and then, hopefully, a full UK release followed by global distribution.

Big plans sure but we see them as totally achievable.

So why should you care about this film? Firstly it celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary things, it shows that we, the “everyman” can make the world a better place and that what may at first seem impossible, is actually anything but, it puts the adventure back into sharks and ignores all the bullshit currently favoured by both sides of the great shark “debate” and it is permeated by a strong, inspirational and non-preachy shark conservation message. On top of all that groovy stuff, it also has never before seen footage of astonishing natural predation and some of the best shark footage you will have ever seen and all this is wrapped up in a love story for the world’s biggest Bull Sharks.

Sounds pretty cool huh!

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