June 8th, 20:00pm, The Heerenstraaten Theater, Netherlands

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“I had the pleasure of meeting David in person when I requested to screen his film, ‘Of Shark and Man’ with a Q&A for our members of the Emirates Diving Association in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. David surpassed my expectations with his beautifully executed film and his profound passion for conservation work. I cannot recommend David enough to be a part of his screenings and engage with the audience.

David delivered knowledgeable and interesting responses to the simplest and the most complex of questions asked of him. There is much to be said about a person that holds such a level of commitment and responsibility to save this critically important species for our future generations.”

Ally LandesEmirates Diving Association

“One of the things we try to do on our courses is to bring in guest speakers who will inspire and inform our students, and offer insight into the professional world of film-making. David did all those things and more – he was funny, friendly, engaging and answered every question they could fire at him with genuine honesty and wisdom. It was a fantastic experience for our students, and we’re already discussing when we can get him to come back.”

Tom BohanSenior Lecturer, Futureworks

“David Diley is by far the most inspirational guest speaker we have had at Futureworks.  His story of how the film Of Shark and Man was made is informative, educational and most of all entertaining.  The students were talking about the presentation for weeks afterwards and I would advise anyone interested in documentary filmmaking to watch his film and listen to his inspiring story. Brilliant”.

Richard HellawellHead of School for Film, TV & Media - Futureworks, Manchester

“David Diley and his film are what the society is all about. We encourage wildlife filmmaking and starting from the bottom and making a name for yourself is what we all aim to do. The opportunity to see this film and have David Diley introduce it and spend time afterwards hosting a question and answer session was invaluable to us all and is the type of thing that the society are always looking for.

We were able to delve into the life of David as a freelance filmmaker and ask anything and everything that we wanted. From production logistics, editing technique and sound operation to publicising the film and helping its message spread across the globe, David was able to answer all of our queries. We were impressed not only with the quality of the film and it’s engaging nature throughout but also with the way David handled himself when talking to the students. He was really easy to approach and talk to and no one felt intimidated to ask him a question. This made it really useful for us and often we are stuck during the Q&A section of our talks as students may sometimes feel scared or worried to ask certain things.

The only thing that we would have changed is that we would have gotten David down for longer. It could have been a possibility to organise a seminar with David before the screening, during which a select amount of students would have been able to sit down with David and discuss the ins and outs of the industry. Other than that, the screening and Q&A were exactly what the society wanted.”

Isobel CunninghamFalmouth University

We are giving you the chance to arrange your own screening of the film in full, plus a presentation and Q&A session with the film’s Director, David Diley.

Whether for your business, NGO, Charity, University, Film School or private club, we have developed an event which gives you access to the most talked about shark film for years, before it hits TV screens.

David will introduce the film, screen the film and then host an open floor Q&A in which you and your audience can ask any questions you like in regards to the film’s environmental message, the technical aspects of undertaking such a complex and ambitious production, sharks, diving, Fiji… Anything!

Whether you want to charge for admission or host your audience free of charge, it’s entirely up to you, we work alongside you to structure the event specific to your needs.

For more information on the film itself click this link and also, take the time to visit the film’s official website.

Technical Details:

Format: 1080p PAL 25fps

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Cinemascope 2:35:1)

Audio Mix: Stereo

Run time: 98 minutes

Key Cast & Crew:

Written, Produced & Directed by: David Diley

Cinematography: Hugh Fairs, David Diley, Mike Neumann

Sound Design: David Lawrie & David Diley

Production Assistant: Hamish Harper

Edited by: David Diley

Featuring Music by: David Lawrie, Haruko, Krimewave, Shields, G Productions, David Diley, Before The Beginning, Mark Burrows and Chris Zabriskie